Make Up

I love Mineral Love organic and vegan makeup!!!

I typically only share my crafty ventures on my blog but I have found that many of my crafty friends also share a few of my other favourite things in life so I have decided to branch out once in awhile and also do some reviews on makeup and books and fave products that I have tried as I have found I have really enjoyed reading them on my friend's blogs as well. I hope you enjoy it too!

I stumbled onto Mineral Love's etsy store while looking for more loose eyeshadow powders. I had found a few different sellers but Mineral Love's product selection as well as their donation of sales to an animal shelter really pulled me in their direction over the others. I am so glad that happened! I have gotten to know Tricia Mack the owner and she is adorable and gives hands down some of the best customer service I have ever experienced!

First- her eyeshadows

I ordered the small size pots of a few different colours and they come in sweet clear pots with black lids. It doesn't look like a lot in the container when it arrives but don't let that fool you! You use sooo little to get a rich colour that my pots still look barely touched. I found this a great solution for me as I wanted to get lots of different colours to try for the best price. As I have found some favourites- like chocolate frosting- I will order them in the full size pots when I need to re-order. 

You get a strong colour just by using the powder straight out of the jar and onto your eyelid. I lightly touch my brush to the loose shadows then swirl it around the lid to cover my brush and apply. This gives a nice colour and you can make it soft or dark by adding more or less. 

To make your colour POP Tricia recommends putting some of the eyeshadow into the lid and adding a drop or two of the magic mixing medium she offers. It turns into a paste and you apply that to your eyes for a dramatic eye coverage and bold colours. I use this technique called 'Foiling' when I am going out at night and a more vibrant colour is what I am looking for. My eyes are my best feature and Tricia's eyeshadows never fail to get me compliments from men and women when I go out. Sweet!!!

Now- her customer service

I asked Tricia if she could recommend some colours for me and I sent her a picture of me so that she could see my colouring. She made some great recommendations and to my surprise she also included some small baggies with different colours than the ones I ordered to try that she thought would compliment me. And she was right of course! I have added the colour Jennifer to my fave list and wear it often. She puts your jars into this sweet black lace bag and also includes a wonderful handwritten note with your order. How amazing is that!!! As well she includes an instruction sheet to use with your Magic Mixing Medium so that you know right away how to get the best results. 

Additionally- Tricia is so personable!! I joined her Mineral Love facebook page and she frequently has fun giveaways and also lets her customers know if she will be setting up shop somewhere that local clients can come out to see her. I have also found out that we share the same birthday!! So of course we are basically twins separated at birth! She has also blown me away by asking me what my fave colour is so she can make an eyeshadow for me and call it Andi. Seriously- how can you compete with that service!

Overall- using loose shadows was new to me when I first started this new journey but I have quickly come to use them with the same ease that I use my compact ones. I have found a shop and seller that I know I will continue to use and support for years to come. 

If you decide to try Mineral Love for yourself please let Tricia know that I sent you! I won't be getting anything for it but I just want her to know how much I appreciate the fabulous personable customer service that she provides!