Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Angry Stamper comes over to visit me at blogger.....

One of my besties came over to stamp the other night and made these great cards that I wanted to share. If you were a follower of my previous blog on typepad you would know her as Stampin Dee or more famously as 'The Angry Stamper'. Click here and here to go and read previous (funny) posts about my angry stampin friend tee hee. The first link tells you how she came to be called the Angry Stamper and the second link isn't a funny story in itself but... well Stampendous honoured me by featuring the card I designed and Dee made on their website. They used a direct link from my blog for their post so Dee was forever immortalized as the angry stamper whenever people clicked on that link as that is what the title of the post was tee hee. She even had a mom at her child's school come up to her and say she recognized her from my blog- and wasn't she the Angry stamper?? OMG....soooooooooo funny, to me anywya. LOL. She is a big Bella stamps fan- as I am- and made these great cards for upcoming birthdays. She wasn't very angry this time at all, which was kind of a let down...she was probably calm on purpose so I can't tell stories about her on the web tee hee! I hope you enjoy these cards and feel free to leave some luv for the cards for Dee, I will make sure she reads it :)

oh fyi- I am listening to Christmas music on purpose while typing this...is it too soon? It's my guilty pleasure. I am listening to my fave artist Sarah McLachlan's Winter song album- a must have!! (I also once listened to it in the SUMMER and kept the curtains closed so no one would see me lol)


Andrea M said...

Hi Andrea! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Love your new digs :) Funny story :)
I LOVE Christmas too and I LOVE Sarah MacLachlan - isn't her winter song album awesome :)
Have a great one
- your doppelganger (just kidding) :)

Steph said...

oo, love these! I like the rich browns in the first card; and the second one is super sweet in pink!

I have to admit I've been tempted to put on the Christmas music, but haven't for fear I'll be sick of it by the time Dec. comes around.

As long as you don't tell me you have your Christmas tree up yet...I've seen two in house windows driving home from work today!

and I totally dropped the ball on the NM tickets,- enjoy the craziness!


Vicki G said...

You closet Christmas Caroler!!! hehe!!!! Loved your story and your sweet Bellas