Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas Suzanne!

Hello everyone and welcome to a special blog hop for a very special lady.... Suzanne Dean. Today the Design Team from Suzanne's site, Color Me Creative, are hopping along to give our friend and "fearless leader" a HUGE HUG and Thanks!!!  

If you've ever met Suzanne, you know 1) what a HUGE heart she has and 2) how fun, witty and TALENTED she is!!  Suzanne's site has tons of information and inspiration and WE get to help spread the word about her awesome classes by way of her bi-weekly challenges sponsored by some fabulous crafty companies!  This month Suzanne is having a month full of challenges where you can win some wonderful prizes and have some fun along the way, but we wanted to take time to thank Suzanne for all her hard work and dedication for not only us but for all the members on her site and those who are lucky enough to have attended her classes where she shares her talent and coloring tips with us all.  

Suzanne is not only a pleasure to work for, but a wonderful friend with a big love for zebras!! That's right... today we are sharing our "zeebie" (as she calls them) designs dedicated to a wonderful lady who we simply say, "Thanks".  We hope you enjoy the hop and remember, the Holiday Bash at CMC is under way and you don't want to miss our on all the fun excitement and awesome prizes so be sure to stop in and enjoy the holiday spirit with us all.  You can find all the information you need HERE.

It is kind of funny that this hop is Zebra themed in honor of Suzanne as I made her a 'Zebbie' card for her birthday. So due to December craziness I am re-sharing this awesomesauce card! I do really love this card- I can so see Suzanne rocking the feathers with the Zebbie pants at CHA 2035 or maybe she will be into bingo by then hee hee! 

I also had to share the photo below that was taken of her and I last month when we got to spend a day hanging out in St. Jacobs ON. We had a freakin' BLAST! We seriously laughed so hard in one store we were bent over scream-laughing. Over cards. Yep. So of course we bought a ton of cards each. Pretty funny since we are both cardmakers hee hee! I think we spent about $45 each on those cards. Let's just say those cards were not very PC but oooooh so funny! We also got to visit The Scrapping Turtle. I had no idea it was there and practically freaked out on the poor girl working at how happy I was to be there! We had her take a picture of us and Suzanne said let's get one beside that thing. SOOO I am looking at it from behind and say- 'Should we pretend to kiss the squirrel?' And Suzanne is very confused and asks 'what squirrel are you talking about?'. I sigh and point to the one hanging between us- 'This one OBVIOUSLY Suzanne'. I mean really- which one did she think? To which Suzanne replied while the lady working laughed her butt off 'You mean the TURTLE Andi... the TURTLE on the swing? Because of the store name..The Scrapping TURTLE?'. 
Yep that's the squirrel I meant hee hee
I may need better glasses..or to wear them
whatever ;P
She was laughing too hard to kiss the 'squirrel' after that hee hee
Never a dull moment when we are together Suzanne- just glad we didn't get arrested.
I kinda love that girl.

Okay, enough rambling by me. Time to enjoy the rest of the hop. Thank you for all you do for us and for helping so many of us love and learn more about our beloved markers. 

Andrea Murdock (You're here!!)

Cheers! Andi


Maire Gamber said...

So cute! Suzanne is gonna love this! :D

Suzanne J Dean said...

Awww thanks so much all are so sweet & so special to me and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. I had a blast that day with the squirrel and cards I didn't need and other stuff that landed in my shopping bags ahahahaha! Love ya & hope to see you again soon, thanks so much for EVERYTHING!


Tina said...

Hee Hee.... LOVE that image!! Looks JUST like her!!! Bwahahahaha

stampingtink said...

What a great card! This one is bigger than I see Suzanne at that age, but so much like her! It's so much like Suzanne and your day out sounds like a blast!

Tracey said...

Hmmm, I recognize that tree and turtle. Or, should I say....SQUIRREL!?!?! bwahahahahaha

Love your card Andrea!! Fantastic colouring!!

Danielle C said...

This is just too funny! I love it in all it's loud and flashy fabulousness! Love the image, the bling, everything is perfect!

Tami G said...

that image is just too funny...

Deonna B said...

Your card is gorgeous! I love that image and your coloring.

Linda Carson said...

LOL! What a hoot of an image! Looks fabulous and your story was fun!

Lorianna said...

Love your card Andrea!!
Fantastic coloring!!
The pants are a scream!!! I could picture Suzanne, saying, "Yep this is how my kids will dress me when I'm old!!"

carrie said...

Love your card with all the bling, ribbon, and zebra pants. This makes me think of my mother-in-law who would have loved and laughed at this card.

mandy said...

Andrea your card is super I love the image and those leopard print pants :)

Hugs Mandy xxx