Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love to SMASH things!!!

Here is my post from over at SGD's blog's smashing good fun!

SGD has the sooo popular Smash Books in stock in many of the different colours. Which is good and bad for me. 

Good- they come in different colours. I like different colours. 

Bad- the different coloured books are different on the inside so of course I need each one. 

Or is that maybe another good thing? hee Hee. 

I have to tell you about how popular Smash books are not only with us crafty peeps but also for kids and teens. I bought these books for my 2 daughters. One likes to not soooo much. Well they are both onto their second books as they are so full if they put anything else in it may explode! We have bought some for their friends and it has proven to be just as popular with anyone we have given it to. I think it is because it is old school scrapbooking as shown in the video above. They cut out their 'Cody Simpson' and 'Justin Bieber' pictures from their magazines and fill the books with their fave pictures. They smash in all their movie tickets, pamphlets from places we've visited, restaurant menus, doodles, good notes from teachers and notes from friends. Instead of the collectables that used to float around in bags and drawers they have a place in their book to treasure forever. 

My oldest recently had a birthday party and 2 of her friends brought their Smash books to the party so they could add to it as the party progressed. I DID NOT MAKE THEM DO THIS! Even though it is something I could totally see myself suggesting to the kids hee hee. They smashed in flyers from the spa we went too and parts of their gift bags. Girls after my own heart. 

I am sharing this story because I am so surprised at how amazing these books are for birthday and Christmas gifts. The books and the add-ons  you can buy are so inexpensive that you can grab a few items to get them on their way- starting with smashing some of their birthday cards right into their book :). 

Click here to find SGD's supply of Smashie goodness for Smashaholics like me- 

Here are some pics from my Smash book and my basket of Smashie goodness. I have to admit I fight not to 'organize' my page and just freely put items in. I keep reminding myself- this is not a beauty pageant- just smash it in!!!

Smash books- I'm not sure who came up with the idea at K&Company but I thank you.....I love you actually....I hope that this doesn't make things awkward...but I really love you...Smash books make my life brighter and free. Bliss...

Have a smashing day- Andrea

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