Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet my new bestie- Carrie. Carrie the Copic Case

**Here is my post over at Scrappin' Great Deals blog**

I would like to introduce you to Carrie- my copic case. She and I are new besties and we are getting along fast and furious. I first saw these online through a store ad and couldn't even find other pictures online. I emailed Sheila instantly blathering about a new case that I needed!

Thankfully she was able to tell me they were already on their way to SGD.

She 'may' have stretched the truth slightly so that I wouldn't give myself a new hernia with the conniption I was having but it did calm me down lol!!!

I wasn't sure I would like it. I currently have them in order in an acrylic case which made it easy to find a certain colour but other than that..... well it doesn't travel well and it has spilled on me on more than a few occasions. Since I frequently enjoy colouring with friends portability is important to me.

I have to say I have tested it out and it is working great for me. I used it over at Sarah's house and had no problem grabbing the right colours quickly and clean up was a cinch compared to me putting it off because it meant re-organizing them over and over again. Time to leave..well I just closed the lid and zipped it up! I filled 5 cups with my markers and the 6th one I put my glitter pens and most commonly used refills. I also had room to slip my memento ink pad, some stamps and a stamp block in my case.

Sarah had to get a case too and I am happy to share that after I teased her with photos of mine that she now has one of her own. She was so excited to get it home and fill it up. I got an email from her titled- "Copic Case- A Cautionary tale" and the following pictures...

This is the email I sent back to Sarah after seeing these pictures- 'Sarah- before I forget...the copic cases are not meant to go on their side'. Hahahahahahaha

Sarah wanted me to share she has now recuperated from the copic incident of 2011 and all the markers have been found and put in the case. She may have a few more gray hairs than what she woke up with the morning before but all is well in the end.

I have also seen pictures of the new copic case with the 36 wallets packed inside- you can get 216 markers in the case with room left over for refills or paper.

I found this on Marianne Walker's blog who works for copic- If you use the hard shell cases like Marianne did in the picture above, you can fit about 288 markers.

I do find this to be the best option out there for me and when colouring with Sarah last night she agreed that we had no trouble finding our markers quickly even though we were used to having them in exact order. So the chaos of them all in soft cups helter skelter didn't impede us as much as we were worried it would. As well we kept exclaiming about how quick clean up was with us just sticking them back in the cups- love!!!

I hope you enjoyed this review and Sarah's word to the wise- Andi


Unknown said...

I saw one in the store!!! oh so pretty but i'm not there yet! good for you girl!

Macpurp said...

ooooh very organsied. I still havent found a great way to store my promarkers.

love teen x

Ruby said...

Don't you just LOOOOOVE Copics, these bags look great, but I find it so hard to part with my fave Amy Butler bag. Love the review!