Friday, November 19, 2010

Impression Obsession stamp handle- oh how I love thee....

Those of you who have met me have probably heard me RAVING about Impression Obsessions magnificent stamp block. I have had the privilege of meeting the owner of IO Mitra this past summer and I saw her demo'ing stamping backgrounds with background stamps. I have to say at first I wasn't very interested when I saw what she was doing because I HATED stamping backgrounds as I always miss parts of the image no matter how hard I try. So I am standing there not paying too much attention until out of the corner of my eye I see her roll the background stamp once onto her paper...and it came out perfect!!! So of course I elbowed my way to the front of the group to see more of what she just did. I asked very nicely (aka demanded) if she could do that again. She inked a large 5.75x5.75 stamp....positioned it on her paper...rolled it once...and again it was perfect.

HOLY COW.........

 I asked how it worked for finely detailed stamps and she very nicely showed me. She placed a much smaller detailed stamp on her large block, inked, rolled and out came a perfect image.

THUD....sorry that was me fainting.

I found my new love. I could not stop telling Mitra how much I loved loved loved this handle and must have one asap! She hooked me up quickly...perhaps to get the crazy woman professing her undying love away from her hee hee... and off I went. I ran home with my new handle and forced Sheila at SGD to carry these in her store!!!!!!

I have become a very brave stamper let me tell you! I used to very hesitantly get my stamp ready for inking, tried lots of different layers, foams, soft surfaces, hard surfaces, etc etc etc and would stamp my image and no matter what it always took me a few tries to get a clean image. I tried everything everyone told me with no luck. I don't know if it's because of not being strong enough but I had terrible luck. Mind you, my stamper friends pretty much all shared this feeling and our garbage was filled with wasted (pricey) paper with half stamped images on it. Now with my IO handle I stamp once with ease and brag about it to everyone I know. Constantly. And again if you have met me you can vouch for that hee hee! Not only does it stamp super well for me but I can also fit more than one stamp on the handle and often stamp multiple images at a time. You read that right! And of course I do it with more bragging and a cocky look on my face lol! Rarely does it not stamp cleanly and if it doesn't I know before I even look at it because I knew my roll across my paper didn't have pressure on all sides of the block.

Ahhh Mitra....sooo happy I met you. And I have to say I have been buying up the Impression Obsession stamps like crazy! Must haves are the beautiful amazing swirls (I took this to a crop and it was one of the most used and borrowed items) and also any of the cover a card stamps- my fave being the branches. Now all us SGD diva's have one and truth be told it's usually on back order and doesn't get a chance to hit the floor because of the waiting list to get one. Which you should probably put your name on ;)

For a picture tutorial on how to use the Rocker Block (actually called the Mega mount but I have always called it rocker block because it rocks my world lol) click below to go to the IO blog and see one of their DT's picture tutorial!

Below I have included a card I made using the deelish swirl stamp..sigh..bliss. Okay enough chatter from me today. Here is one of my fave crafty sayings that applies here....If you are having trouble sleeping at's because you don't own this must have tool. Just sayin! Cheers- Andrea

**Please note I am not being paid or anything by IO or SGD to rate this product. I just love it that much**


Christine aka blankiefinder said...

Andrea, this looks so interesting! Does it work well with stamps other than backgrounds? I find some brands of stamps more difficult to get a good impression from than others. I get really tired of wasting paper and time, and then that influences my purchases and crafting. Feel free to email me, it's in my profile or on my blog. I'd appreciate any info you could give me!

Jenn Joncas said...

You are too FUNNY!!!!! I guess I should have watched the demo at Krafty Day because my friends came home with one but I did not ): I'll add it to my wishlist for Christmas (:
Great card by the way!! I love the black and white with red accents!!

Have a great weekend!!

P. G. said...

Thank you so much for posting this!!! I need one of those badly!!

pamgrouette at gmail dot com