Friday, July 1, 2011

An oldie but a goodie- Happy Canada Day!!!!

I made this card and shared it for last year's Canada Day but since I love it here it is again! Just like summer TV today is a rerun hee hee! I used High Hopes Team Canada stamp and their Happy Canada Day sentiment. 

Even though I have nothing special planned for myself today except spending it in my craftroom (family is out of town celebrating) I feel like there is a happy energy all around. I am a VERY proud Canadian and I am so happy that I was born in this incredible Country. What I also love is that I can just sit outside tonight and all around me in the sky will be incredible fireworks brightening the night sky celebrating how lucky we are to be Canadian. 

I also wanted to share that one of my fave blogs to visit Pretty Pressings by Claudia Rose is having a Christmas in July blog candy offering. Pop on over to check it out and wish her all the best as she is recovering from surgery. I encourage you to take some time to look around at her past posts- holy carp eye candy! Her creations blow my mind! If you scroll down the right hand side of her blog to her categories she has 71 tutorials she shared! Love that!

I would love to hear about your Canada celebration today so feel free to leave me a comment. Maybe you will give me an idea as to how we will celebrate next year lol!! And don't forget to be safe!

Cheers Hosers! (another dose of Canadiana hee hee) Andi

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KimberleyG said...

We took in our local Canada Day Parade. I was planning on going to the festivities the town had on, but I fell asleep and missed it. Guess that's what happens as you get older,lol!

BTW, I won't be at CHA. I'd love to go, but I live far enough up north that it is too big a trip for me. Being off work doesn't help either.