Friday, April 13, 2012

How to use the bow easy and my new Ribbon Carousel

So much to share today!!! First I made this video to go along with last week's promo where you could get a Bow Easy for free! By the time I got the video edited though the promo was over. That is Soooo Me! LOL!!! I hope you enjoy it anyway and here is a good tip for you. Grab your Bow Easy and try it along with the video. Stop it after each step to give you a chance to try it. Do that a few times in a row and I swear you will feel the lightbulb turn on and you will get it hee hee!!! 

Speaking of ribbon....I have long wanted a Ribbon Carousel and was super happy when Sheila got some in. I grabbed two packs of wooden spools and my new ribbon display and skipped happily all the way home. Since I have OODLES of ribbon I put on my RC primarily my twine and washi tape rolls as I reach for them the most. In fact I love it so much I may have to get another one for my grosgrain ribbon! She still had one in stock last time I may want to grab it before I do hee hee!!! Happy Saturday!

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Kelli Hull said...

LOL! Ribbon Carousels are like CRACK... I have SIX of them.... trying to figure out how to squeeze in 2 more... I NEED THEM!!!!