Saturday, March 1, 2014

My post at SGD- Fantastic Copic Marker App

*please note I disgustingly have more markers than this now. I has a problem* ;)

I shared over on the SGD store blog today how I keep track of my markers when out shopping. At this point I have all the markers (gulp) and have started my refill collection. When I am out I forget what I need and what I already have and used to frequently by doubles. Then the copic marker app came into my life for smartphones. Oh how I love thee….

I copied my post from the store blog- click here if you want to check it out!

Happy Saturday!

Last night was the 2nd Copic Community Club night and it was loads of fun! I have a headache today from laughing so much! This class is for all skill levels as it is more about getting together and colouring and sharing tips. If you want to join us it is the last Friday of each month!

During the class I shared my Copic app that I used on my smartphone to keep track of what markers I had including refills. Well let me say it caused a lot of excitement so I wanted to reshare it on here today for anyone with a smartphone to use. 

This is NOT through Copic themselves but rather a brilliant husband of a crafter :)

Now on to the Copic Marker App I found online! He even keeps it updated and improving it all the time. I think I kinda love him a little bit hee hee. 

A gentleman whose wife buys copics made an App to help her keep track of what markers she owns so that she doesn't buy duplicates- not that any of us would know what that's like right? It can be used for Iphones or Smartphones. This is genius!!! As I already own all the colours...yes...pretty much...I am going to use it to keep track of my refills as I am slowly building up my collection. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you to whoever this awesome man is!

That's it for me today. Have a great week!


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Joan V said...

Oh my, thanks for sharing that Copic App. Cudo's to the guy who did this. How generous to do this without pay. He really should have gone to Copic and let them pay him for his work.