Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Copic Tutorial and High Hopes Stamps challenge....

Good Morning!!!! Oops- hope that wasn't too loud and made your spill your tea lol! I have to admit I am feeling a bit peppy blogging about this bright card. And I used some primary colours- sooo not me and I like it! It's making me have an extra skip in my step today. And I may also be feeling extra smug because I have a tutorial to share too. Yep- I better stop all this self-congratulating because my head is now so big it is bobbling around on my neck like one of those bobblehead statues hee hee. Okay back down to earth ;0).

Today's HHS challenge to use Stars and Stripes on your card. Could be a patriotic card for my neighbours across the way. Or could just have stars or stripes. As long as you are using a High Hopes stamps image on your creation and stars/stripes somewhere you are all good! Click here to pop on over to the HHS Challenge blog to read the full details and see more eye candy from the Divas!

Copic Tutorial- Mottled skin great for scaly things

First stamp your image using your preferred copic paper and ink. I used the Copic X-press it paper and Tuxedo Black Memento ink. My stamped image is Tubby Dragon from the most recent release. I let the image dry for about 20 minutes before colouring it. Probably longer than necessary but I didn't want it to bleed in my fancy tutorial pictures lol.

You will need the following Copic markers if you want to use the exact same colours I did- G40, G82, G85, G94, G99. Of course you don't have to use the same colours I did- feel free to experiment!

Taking your G40 marker cover your dragon with dots all over the body where you want the green to show. I left his horns and belly green free.

Next up grab your G82 and cover the body in the same areas but not completely so that you can still see the G40 showing through. This will give it a fun mottled look instead of just one colour in this area. After adding your G82 go over the same area again with your G40 to blend the colours.

Now we are going to give our image more depth by adding shading. I will be the first to admit I am not the best at knowing where to add it so use your eye and start where you would imagine the body to be darker in spots. It may help to put an object on your table under the same light you are using to get a better idea. Take your G85 and start dotting your shaded spots. I extend it quite a way into my already coloured areas as I will be adding more colours for depth and I want to give myself room. You can see the difference in the picture below.

Grab your G94 marker and add more dots in the same area you just put your G85. I typically put it up to half of the G85 dotted area. Looking below you can see it is darker in the shaded areas where I used G85 and G94.

Now I am going to add my darkest dots using G99. I am just putting a thin layer of dots into the same area I just added the G94. This will deepen your shadows and make them flow.

Last step! Now using your first colour G40 you are going to do nice big squishy dots and colour over the entire area to blend all the colours. I dotted and dotted then dotted some more until happy!

Now you are ready to colour the rest of your image! I added glitter to his belly and horns by dotting my Sakura stardust glitter gel pen and quickly blending the dots with my finger. I recommend just doing a small area at a time as it dries really quickly then won't blend. I find doing it this way just adds a sheen of sparkle instead of covering over what you just coloured with the silver glitter if you use the pen directly on your image. I also added some glossy glaze over my dragon (which was still wet at the time of the picture so it's cloudy) and a Viva Decor pen in Ice White pearl for the foamy bubbles.

I hope you find this a faster way to colour so that you don't find time 'draggin'!! Hee Hee, sorry couldn't resist! ;)


Tawny said...

Love this little guy! And your tutorial was great. Very cute!

lynn79 said...

I think you should brag more! great card and wonderful tutorial!

Kelly Schelske said...

What a great tutorial Andrea and a fabulous card!!