Saturday, June 25, 2011

Whipper Snapper Stamps- Hat-Bee Birthday!!

I just love this Whipper Snapper Stamp! While I am scared silly of bees in real life after being stung many times I love the cute ones that Whipper Snapper has to colour up! Oh and I also like the bees in that movie- The Bee Movie. I almost felt bad for stealing their honey after that movie...but I luvs honey so I figured I won't kill them and they can share their honey. Compromise. 

Sorry it has been soooo quiet on here lately. As I had mentioned previously I have really pared down some aspects of my life as I have lots of busy stuff going on personally and my blogging got sidelined for a bit too. But there is no excuse today not to post as I am sitting here on my laptop playing Farmville and drinking tea so I figured I should start posting the TONS of cards I have made that I haven't shared yet. Like this Whipper Snapper one. Sigh- I luvs Whipper Snapper. Just needed to say it again. 

School is almost out for my girls. My oldest has one exam left on Monday then she is finished Gr. 9. I will be sooo glad to put that year behind her. She is much more comfortable now in H.S. and I wouldn't say she is looking forward to Gr. 10 because she prefers not being at school but she isn't dreading it lol. My baby is in her last week of Gr. 6 and looking forward to Gr. 7. I am in COMPLETE denial. She is just a baby! I am so not good with letting her grow up. She even brushes her hair now everyday without being nagged and chooses her outfits and accessories the night before so she is styling at school. I never thought I would miss the days of me saying 'You can't go to school with your hair all scraggly and those clothes are already 2 days old- go change! And for the love of Pete- have you brushed your teeth yet?". Now my baby is fully styled every day to the teeth. 

I think I am going to start pushing down on the tops of their heads each day to make them stop growing. While I can still reach it that is- those kids are going to be tall!

Well here is hoping your day is better than the weather here. Cold and drizzly are not how we like to start Summer. Sounds like a day for the craft studio. 

Cheers, Andi


Tracey said...

I love this card Andrea!! So adorable!!!

And I so hear you on the kids growing too fast thing. Maya is about to graduate JK and then turn 5 and I have no idea where the time went!!!

Jenn Joncas said...

Very cute card!! I love Whipper Snapper and finally just finished a card with one of the images I finally caved and bought a month or so ago (:

Don't you hate how fast they grow up!!! I have 4 and my oldest is going into grade 11, has a girlfriend and his G1 and my baby starts JK next year!!! You know it's serious stuff when they start to brush their teeth without nagging (:

Macpurp said...

this super cute! I love this wee bee!

Little ones grow up so fast eh?
love teen x

thekolbes said...

So adorable