Friday, June 10, 2011

My Card samples for the June SGD Card kit

I had so much fun picking out what was going to be in this month's kit and playing with all the goodies. Seriously- these cards pretty much made themselves!!! All those pretty colours- they sing to my soul. I know- pretty sappy but art really is food for my soul- it is why I create. How about you? What is one of the reasons you create? Plus there is nothing like getting all inky either from markers or paint- soothes me better than any massage oil. Oi- may be too much info hee hee but I am SURE you know just what I am talking about. 

Click here to be taken to SGD's Card Kits. I got the idea to make these kits way back from my old days as a Stampin' Up demo. I was always making up kits and classes for my customers and while some like to take the same ideas and make it their own others like to make it exactly like mine. Exactly. If I said to use whatever colours they wanted- nope- they wanted to use the same ones I did. So I have changed up these kits the past 2 months. I have given sketches to follow and created samples from those sketches. I have also mentioned all items I used including the ink colours. And the feedback has been amazing!!! Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to give your feedback- more than we have ever received! And honestly- what a compliment to have people want to make it just like me- makes me *blush*. So thank you! And for those of you who are like me and see rules as just something that makes me want to do the complete opposite there are tons of bits and baubles for your own creations. And please feel free to share them with me!

Well that's enough from me right now. My freshly painted watercolour pages are now dry and it is time for me to learn how to play with the Cinch machine. I applied Gesso to my pages to prime them for my very first Art Journal. Squee!! So excited! My friend Lori is going to help me get started and I am so pumped! I took pictures along the way so I can share it with you. Unless of course it turns out to be an epic fail hee hee!

Cheers! Andi


lynn79 said...

Andrea I loved this month's card kit! I know see why this one is your favorite! I went nuts for it myself! I love the colors!

Can't wait to see your album/journal. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cinch! Ask Carol I went nuts for it and love it...I have made books for everything :)

Emily Leiphart said...

Your cards are gorgeous! I really love the sentiment on the first one. Thanks for stopping by my blog during The Twinery + PSA Essentials Blog Hop!