Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color Me Creative DT wants to wish Suzanne Dean a Happy Birthday!


The Color Me Creative Design Team has a secret!!!  Today we are hopping along to wish our fearless leader, Suzanne Dean, a VERY happy birthday!!!  Suzanne is the owner/creator of the Color Me Creative site and, as many of you know, teaches her Copic classes online and on the road!  She is one busy momma and we thought we'd take time to wish her a happy day and hope she gets to sit with her Cherry Coke and donuts (ya, a fav combination of hers!) and relax a bit today and enjoy the hop!

Each of us decided it would be fun to remember Suzanne today in "typical Suzanne" style!  Our creations will either help remember a "funny travel moment" with Suzanne or... share a secret about Suzanne.  Ha!!!  Bet she didn't see this coming!!! LOL 

Here is what I created today....

My card for this special hop features an image we received from a challenge sponsor- I brake for Stamps- from their humorous seniors line. They are hilarious! And some are a bit scary tee hee. I chose this image because Suzanne loves Zebras and these pants are hilarious! Also because Suzanne is full of life and fun just like this ole gal. I did NOT choose this image to tell Suzanne that she is getting way! The main reason being is that she is a few years younger than me so there is no way I would tell her she is getting old..cause this girl sure isn't lol! I also added lots of bling because she sparkles too. 

I met Suzanne 'online' on a DT before I met her in person. And both ways confirmed my overall impression- she rocks. Yep- totally. We met in person for the first time at CHA a few years back and immediately bonded over the fact we had daughters around the same age that were going through interesting mood swings. And we were scared together hee hee. I think we were hugging and crying within minutes of swapping teen hormone war stories. **Edited to add that of course our girls are absolute sweethearts now. Especially if they are reading this ;) **

One of the biggest things I admire about Suzanne is how she knows how to live life to the fullest! Rarely..and I mean rarely does a week go by where she isn't travelling somewhere! It doesn't even phase me anymore when she says she is jetting off to somewhere awesome. I have even stopped asking for a present each time! Last year she  even came to my neck of the woods and I joined her and some mutual friends for dinner at a small town restaurant. The night was spent laughing non stop! We may not be allowed back to that same place after the ruckus we caused hee hee! Suzanne has a dry quick wit that keeps me in stitches. In fact I laughed so much that night I was sweating. Seriously! She laughed at me...I laughed at her...and we both laughed at Sheila (our friend who may or may not have been drinking). Even with all the challenges life has given Suzanne she demonstrates how to pick yourself up and move forward and embrace the adventure to the fullest. She is not only a hilarious fun person but also an amazing motivational speaker. Attend one of her classes and you know exactly what I am talking about. She really is one in a million. Which honestly- Thank God for that because that girl has the most bizarre things happen to one person on every one of her trips lol!!!! 

Okay, enough from me. Love you Suzanne and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Now hop on over to the rest of the DT's sites to see what they are sharing about Suzanne.  ;-)


Steph Lee (Arty Carty) said...

That is HILARIOUS Andi!! are you telling her she is getting fat?? j/k ...LOL <3 your card girlie!

Marie Gamber said...

Wow! Suzanne has packed on a few pounds since I saw her last! Hee Hee! I see she still can get into those leopard pants! LOL

Michele Spera said...

Too funny hehe
love it

Renkata said...

Very chic card Andrea.

Tina said...

LMBO... perfect!!! I can soo see her blinging it on as she gets older! LOL Thanks for participating!!

anaRy said...

HAHAHAH Andi That is Suzanne at CHA 2075!
I luv it!

Mel said...

Lol, this is great, love it. I can see her in this, minus a few pounds lol.

Shelby Goolsby said...

OMG this is hilarious and so fun!! Yes indeed that will be her way down the road:)

Ruby said...

This just made me really giggle! I LOVE the image and the colours you've chosen are just great!!!

Patricia St Martin said...

Just love those pants they are just way too cool. Great card. It is just way to funny.

Roxann said...

What a fun and sassy card! I love it!
Cyber Hug,

Dana said...

This is hilarious!!! Love it!


Cathy Lee said...

This is awesome, Andi. I should know, I am a DT member for IBFS and love those Humorous Senior stamps. You did a great job and I know Suzanne loves her Zebra print. She is so special to have all you gals on her team.
Cathy Lee

Brook Guinn said...

Andi, you made me laugh out loud with this card! Too funny. I gotta get me some of those pants!

Suzanne said...

love those zebra pants

Suzanne J Dean said...

hahahahaha LMBO this gave me a good giggle...perhaps that will be me in 35 years 'eh? You always crack me up Andi, I love you dearly and so glad to know you! I'll see you soon in Canada..who knows what may happen huh?


Gail said...

GREAT card. I love the leggings on this gal! :) Hugs, Gail

Michele Boyer said...

L.M.A.O. I LOVE this!!! :) :) :)