Friday, December 10, 2010

PRC Weekly Challenge...Heavy Metal

This week's Paper Romance challenge is to go Heavy Metal. I have to admit I got so excited at first and pulled out my Guns 'N' Roses t-shirts, feathered my hair and layered on the black eyeliner and got ready to rock out to my fave music. Then I read a bit further that the challenge was to use any kind of metal somewhere on your card and I thanked the Lord I didn't leave the house looking like this hee hee! Yes- I was a heavy metal queen growing up in the 80's and still love GNR, Poison, Whitesnake, Metallica but I have to admit I don't listen to them often and my playlist is more current with Muse or honestly- 95% it's Sarah McLachlan. So different from the younger me- good thing I didn't know it then or I would have been so ashamed of the older me lol! And...I really enjoy Classical. Yep the younger me would have fainted and fallen straight back as my super tight pinned jeans wouldn't have let me bend my legs LMBO!!

So once I calmed down and brushed out my feathered hair I made this card using Three Pane Santa and some JillyBean Soup paper and embellishments. I added a metal clip and metal jewelled brads to bling up my card. To play along with us click here to go to the Paper Romance Challenge blog and see more inspiration from the PR DT!  Cheers, Andi- your Heavy Metal Queen (see pic below hee hee)
btw- those sunglasses had fake blue snakeskin on the sides- sooo hip


Melanie said...

Ok...first and foremost, I'm loving your card!! This stamp is so cute and I love the paper you used!

I am totally laughing about your pinned, I remember pinning up those pant legs ridiculously tight too! Crazy stuff. Oh...and I still love to rock out to GNR and Poison. (Usually when I'm alone in the car, so nobody has to listen to me. hehe) Fantastic pic!

Judy Rozema said...

LOVE your cute card and the picture is awesome!!