Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Copic help- hair colours

I hope you are all having a good day. I was until a few minutes ago and now I am in the middle of a wee temper tantrum I am ashamed to admit. This is the third time I am writing this post. The first one left when I went to make something a capital and the entire thing became highlighted and deleted. Not sure how I pulled off that magic trick. The second time thankfully I was only a bit into the post when POOF it left the screen. Now I am saving constantly lolz. Lesson learned. I wanted to share todaywhat colours I use to colour hair as I had showed a few of my friends the other day. These cards are very basic in terms of layout as the focus was on colouring. I want to share I got my hair colours from The Greeting Farm blog who also make these adorable stamps so I can take no credit for the colour combos. A piece of advice is to keep your blender pen handy to erase mistakes as its all about layering ink and colours so it can sometimes spread a wee bit. I like to call the blender pen my fave copic colour as I use it more than any of my other copic markers lol.

Black, grey, white and yellow card:
On this card I used the following colours-
Hair- C3, C6, C7 and 100 (black) but some found it better to use C9 as it does move a bit better to blend than black
Skin- E000, E00, E11 and using E00 I swiped it on an R20 marker to get the cheek colour
Dress and flower petals- Y11, Y15
Petticoat- C4+C5 on pockets, C6+C7 on rest of dress
I then outlined her in C1 and added a bit in the middle of the white flower centre to add some shading

Easter Card-
Hair- E25, E27, E31, E49
Bunny ears- outside- RV32, RV34 and inside- V000, V01
Dress, tights, shoes- RV32, RV34, V12, V15
Easter egg basket and eggs- Y00, Y02, BG13, BG23, YG, 23, YG25, V01
Skin- E000, E00, E11 and same as above for cheeks using R20
Outline- BG10

Hope this helps and I encourage you to go to The Greeting Farm blog for other hair colour suggestions :)

Cheers, Andrea


Donna said...

Blogger can be so fustrating at times Andi.. We do have the occasional fight too!! Thank you for the tips on the copics...I am waiting to receive some from the states and am very nervous about using them...I need all the tips I can get!! Oh .. And gorgeous cards btw! Xx

Tracey said...

Your colouring is so gorgeous Andrea! I am in awe. I tend to be so basic and one dimensional in my colouring! xx

the whimsical butterfly said...

LOVE that Miss Anya dressy! WOW-her hair is fabulous! So, whatcha doin' tomorrow? ;)

Elisa said...

Beautiful card.I have terrible trouble with blogger as well,its really frustrating sometimes!Elisa.x