Saturday, April 10, 2010

What's red, white and black all card!

First I would like to thank everyone for the warm birthday wishes and to those of you who wrote that you joined me in a cup of tea I hope you enjoyed it. I know I did...yummmm.. I got breakfast in bed made by the girls. Sliced strawberries, cinnamon toast and TEA. Lovely!

Today's challenge should you choose to accept it is to make a card using the colours black, white and red. I had fun using 'tones' of black by incorporating silver and greys. So sneaky I know tee hee. I am not usually one for these colours and was truly challenged with how to get started until Kimmie gave me the idea of colouring the image in greys to give the illusion of a black and white photo with just a small area highlighted with colour. I liked this technique and I would use it again to try and create that old time look. Not bad for my first try I think. I should add that I did a lot of whining while colouring and asked Kimmie and my friend Cheri 'are you sure it looks alright' CONSTANTLY hee hee. These lovely ladies came early in the morning and spent the day with me in the craft room. Sooooo much fun we may make up more special occasions to get together and hang out. Poor Cheri, she had never used copics before and we had her try them. We ended up going out so she could buy a set after only colouring a face and hair lol! We warned her how addictive they are and INSISTED she get as many colours as she did. With close to 300 myself it's not like I know control in this area lol. I just have to say my birthday was absolutely perfect and I can't think of any way that it could have been better.

So tomorrow is the big release day for Kraftin' Kimmie stamps, are you getting excited to get these stamps in your hot little hands??? For today's challenge if you choose to play along you can win one of the new images 'You make me Happy' which is the new Cindy and Mindy image. Luvs them! Click here to read more about how you can play to win and to see what the rest of the DT cooked up. our newest team members- the Junior Krafty girls! Above is also my youngest DD's card- I am one proud momma! She coloured and designed it herself. She is loving making cards and seeing them on my blog. She tells the kids at school she is famous tee hee. Have a great day!


Vicki G said...

Your card and DD's are both adorable!

Have a great day Andi! Enjoy post birthday bliss!

Hugs and Love


Kendra said...

OMG Andrea, I didn't know it was your birthday when we saw you at SGD!!! I totally would've wished you a great day... Happy Belated Birthday then! I could see you guys were having fun though... who doesn't have fun in the scrap store??? LOL... well, maybe the odd dh that doesn't know better than to stay home!

Kendra said...

Oh, and I totally meant to tell you I LOVE your shades of black card... it's fantastic... your dd's card is great too, you should be proud!

Maria said...

Wonderful cards and how nice to have your daughter join in the fun too. Hugs, Maria

Tracey said...

So awesome that your dd is a Junior Krafty Girl!! I love both of your cards. This is such a fantastic colour combo!